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第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分30分)




In 2010, I was in the Tallahassee, Florida airport waiting to fly to Indiana to see my family. My flight had been put off and I was unhappy. Then I heard a woman crying so hard.

I looked around and did not see anyone with her. People were staring at her but no one was coming up to help her. It was clear her heart was broken. My heart was broken for her. I sat next to her and placed my arm around her, but without looking at me she continued to cry.

I just sat there, held her firmly and didn't say anything. I felt a little embarrassed at first. She cried for about ten minutes and then she began to calm down. She looked up to see who was holding her.

She could barely speak but she got out the words, “My daughter's husband was just killed in a car accident. They were just married. Oh, my God! He was just like a son.” Then she broke down again. I said a prayer to myself that she and her family could get through the loss. Shortly after that a man came up to us and took the crying stranger by the arm and asked her to go with him. She could barely get up. He took her arm and they walked away.

I sat there thinking about what hadjust happened. I thought about what if that had been me or someone I love. I felt good about being there for the stranger crying. It was the right thing to do.



1.The author felt unhappy at the airport because ________.

A. she had left something important at home

B. the crying of the woman made her feel upset

C. the plane she was taking didn't take off on time

D. she didn't find any of her family members there

【答案与解析】C 根据第一段内容可知,作者在机场闷闷不乐是因为航班晚点。

2.We can infer from the passage that ________.

A. the author's flight was late because of bad weather

B. the woman's daughter lost her life in a car accident

C. the woman's daughter's husband had treated her very well

D. the woman's daughter couldn't get on well with her husband

【答案与解析】C 根据第四段中He was just like a son可知,那位妇女的女婿对她很好。

3.The author can be best described as ________.

A. careless but honest B. loving and helpful

C. polite and clever D. brave but stubborn

【答案与解析】B 根据文章的描述可知,作者是一个富于爱心,乐于助人的人。


I live in Arizona. Many things have made me feel good. But the one that made me feel the best was serving the Lord by ministering to (给予援助) the children. You see this started out when I was around 5 years old.

The parents of the children in our neighbourhood would lock them out of the house. You can imagine how hot it was most of the time in Arizona. Over the years I would allow the children to come to my house to use the rest­room. The children soon learned that the door was always open. These kids ranged in age from 3 to the age of 12.

Whenever those same children would get thirsty I would walk in the house and ask my mum, “Mum, may I have 23 glasses of water?” My mum would smile and get me the glasses two by two. Then I would pass them out.

Over the years I had an amazing opportunity to teach these same children. For some reason they listened to me and I was able to get them to talk out their differences and not fight.

Now I am 22 and when I went to church on the street and helped out with the children. I once again felt like I was in the will of God. I have been blessed beyond belief. I currently teaches and fixes computers. In my free time I develops web pages and studies for my classes. I also have a children's ministry (部) that I do every week.

4.The author permitted the children to go to his home because ________.

A. the children had no home to go

B. the children were often locked outside

C. the children liked to live with the author

D. the children's parents didn't live there

【答案与解析】B 从第二段的第一句话“The parents of the children in our neighbourhood would lock them out of the house.”可以得知正确答案为B。

5.The children liked to go to the author's home to _______.

A. have a meal B. to buy water

C. use the rest­room D. play games

【答案与解析】C 从第二段的第三、四句话和第三段的有关内容可以看出这些孩子到作者家里去就是为了用卫生间。

6.Now the author do all the following EXCEPT ________.

A. teaching children without home

B. fixing computers

C. opening up web pages

D. helping children lacking care

【答案与解析】A 从最后一段的信息可以判断出B、C、D是作者现在从事的工作,A项中“教无家可归的孩子”不准确。


Most American students go to traditional (传统的) public schools. There are about 88, 000 public schools all over the US. Some students attend charter schools.

Charter schools are self­governing. Certain companies operate (经营) some charter schools. They are similar in some ways to traditional public schools. They receive tax money just as other public schools do. Charter schools must prove to local or state governments that their students are learning. These governments provide the schools with the agreement called a charter that permits them to operate.

Charter schools are different because they do not have to obey most laws that govern traditional public schools. Each school can choose its own goals and decide what to teach and how to teach them in their own way. Class size is usually smaller than in traditional public schools.

The government strongly supports charter schools as a way to re­organize public schools, which are failing to educate students. But some education unions are against charter schools. One teachers' union has just released the results of the first national study, which compared the progress of students in both traditional schools and charter schools.

The results of the study show that charter school students performed worse on math and reading tests than the students in traditional public schools.

Some experts say the study is not fair because students in charter schools have more problems than students in traditional schools. Other education experts say the study results would make charter school officials realize that they should help their students make greater progress.


本文是一篇议论文。文章阐述了美国的charter school。区别于traditional school, charter school享有更多的自由,但是人们的评价各异。

7.If a company wants to operate a charter school, it must ________.

A. try new methods of teaching

B. prove its management ability

C. obey the local and state laws

D. get the government's permission

【答案与解析】D 细节理解题。 根据文章第二段中的“These governments provide the schools with the agreement called a charter that permits them to operate.”可知,故选D。

8.What's the government's attitude toward charter schools?

A. Doubtful. B. Supportive.

C. Satisfied. D. Unclear.

【答案与解析】B 写作意图题。根据文章第四段中的“The administration strongly supports charter schools as a way to re­organize public schools that are failing to educate students.”可知,故选B。

9.What can we learn from the text?

A. More students choose to attend charter schools.

B. Charter schools are better than traditional schools.

C. Students in charter schools are well educated.

D. People have different opinions about charter schools.

【答案与解析】D 推理判断题。根据文章最后两段可知,人们对charter school 和 traditional school的考试结果,持有不同观点。

10.What might be the best title for the text?

A. Charter schools in America

B. Public schools in America

C. Schools in America

D. Education in America

【答案与解析】A 推理判断题。根据文章每段的段首句即可推知。



Taking no action, you will achieve no results. __11__ There isn't anything that you can do to change it. If you are not satisfied with your life, maybe you are not taking the necessary steps to make things better.

•That knowledge is power isn't true.

Knowledge itself isn't powerful. Knowledge is only useful when it is connected with action. __12__ Therefore, they are just reading and not taking any action. You can turn your life around only when you decide to make use of your knowledge and take action to make things happen.


It is necessary to take action. But it will be useless if you do not know where you want to end up. Be aware of your dissatisfaction in your life and set a goal, then you can start to work towards it.

•Start to move.

It is time to get to work. __14__

•Review and make necessary changes.

__15__ The most important question that you need to keep asking yourself is whether you are getting nearer to your goals. If not, change your strategies (策略). If you are doing the right things, results will follow.

A. Be ready to get out of trouble, or you will get into real trouble.

B. Most people know it, but they don't act on it.

C. Make it a habit to do a weekly or monthly review.

D. Without a goal in mind you are just wasting time.

E. You will need plans if you want to reach your goal.

F. This is the law of the universe.

G. Your dream will remain as it is unless you start to take action.

【参考答案】11.F 12.B 13.D 14.G 15.C

第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


September 4 was my first day at Phillips Academy, my new school.It was also my 18th birthday.

I received a warm __16__ from my host family—the Steins.Gena was my host mum, and her daughter Lily would also be a new __17__ at Phillips.They took me to the school and __18__ me around the campus.

On our way to my dorm (学生宿舍), we saw a huge truck delivering a student's __19__ to her room.Many students at the school were very rich, and they would fill their dorms with decorations (装饰物).But I was __20__ not to because I thought it was a __21__ of time and money.

I had a single room, which was about the __22__ of a Chinese college dorm — the one which normally holds six people.

__23__ she helped carry my bags, Lily asked me, “What's your favourite __24__, Teresa?”I thought for a moment before answering.“Orange.”

I didn't know why she had asked the question.

We __25__ an introduction meeting after dinner. __26__ of the students were native English speakers, so I felt a little __27__.

I returned to my room after the __28__, tired and wanting to go to bed after a(n) __29__ day.

When I opened my door, I found a big __30__.The bed was perfectly made with blankets and an orange sunflower pillow.On the __31__ was a sunflower­pattern mat (垫子) while a colorful lamp __32__ beside the bed.

I opened my mouth, __33__. How beautiful!

There was also a __34__ card.I touched the little pillow on the bed as I read the card.A warm current(暖流) rushed through my __35__.

16. A. heart B. card C. service D. welcome

17. A. student B. teacher C. citizen D. visitor

18. A. walked B. introduced C. showed D. invited

19. A. belongings B. newspaper C. letters D. furniture

20. A. warned B. forced C. determined D. supposed

21. A. matter B. waste C. show D. use

22. A. design B. size C. pattern D. example

23. A. As B. Though C. Because D. While

24. A. fruit B. weather C. food D. colour

25. A. organized B. planned C. attended D. opened

26. A. All B. Most C. Some D. Few

27. A. pleased B. nervous C. angry D. afraid

28. A. dinner B. class C. meeting D. teaching

29. A. exciting B. ordinary C. tiring D. interesting

30. A. secret B. joke C. warmth D. surprise

31. A. wall B. desk C. floor D. ground

32. A. stood B. lay C. appeared D. hung

33. A. frightened B. moved C. satisfied D. understood

34. A. post B. birthday C. greeting D. festival

35. A. mind B. head C. face D. body


16.D 第一段说,这是作者到达Phillips Academy的第一天,同时从空格后面的host family(房东家)可知,作者受到房东一家的热烈欢迎。

17.A 从“我”是刚到学校的新生和“would also be”可知,房东的女儿也是新生。

18.C show sb. around some place带领某人参观某地。

19.A 第一天去宿舍,带去的东西自然是“行李” (belongings)。

20.C be warned not to do“被警告不要去做”; be forced not to“被迫不做”; be determined not to ...“决定不做……”; be supposed not to ...“应该不做……”。依据下文的浪费时间和金钱,因此应该为“决定不做”。

21.B 由But可知,作者决定不装饰自己的房间,原因是“它既浪费时间又浪费钱”。a waste of ...“浪费”。

22.B 从破折号后面的内容可知,这里讲的是寝室的大小(size)。

23.A as在这里引导一个时间状语从句,意思是“一边帮我提包,一边问我问题”。

24.D 因为后面的答语是“Orange”,又从倒数第三段的内容(房东家送给我橘黄色的枕头和垫子)可知问的是“喜欢什么颜色”。

25.C attend a meeting“参加聚会”。作者是新来的学生,谈不上“组织”会议,其余选项均错。

26.B most of the students“大多数学生”。作者是外来的因此不选A。由下文产生压力,肯定不是few和some。

27.B 作者作为一名外来学子,此时的感受应该是“紧张或压力”。

28.C 上一段讲了“参加聚会”,这儿便是聚会后返回。

29.A 刚到一所新大学,在新的环境里面,少不了兴奋激动。

30.D 后面的内容说明了这是作者的意外发现,所以感到格外惊异“big surprise”。

31.C mat自然应该是放在地板上的。

32.A 这儿stood意思是“放置或立在(床边)”, lay(lie的过去式)意为“平放”。

33.B 面对房东一家为自己安排好的一切,作者自然是十分感动(moved)。

34.B 开篇第一段就提到“It was also my 18th birthday.”。

35.D A warm current rushed through my body.一股暖流流过全身。

第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


Tom: Well, if it isn't Jane!

Jane: Tom! Nice to see you again!

Tom: Me too. 36.________ are you doing these days?

Jane: Pretty well. How are you then?

Tom: Not bad. Tell me, Jane. Last time I 37.________ (see) you, you were planning to go abroad, weren't you?

Jane: Yes, at 38.________ start of year I was. But in the end I changed my mind.

Tom: Really? But if I remember 39.________ (correct), going abroad to study further was always your dream. What made you change your mind?

Jane: Well, it's a long story and I don't want to make you 40.________ (bore) you with all the details. Anyway, I found that going abroad would cost me too much, so I decided to go to a law school in this city instead.

Tom: A law school? Sounds 41.________ (amaze)! You used to be very 42.________ (interest) in physics, I remember. It seems you have changed a lot.

Jane: Well, a lot has happened since we last saw each 43.________. Someday we can have a good chat.

Tom: Good. We really should try to stay in touch. Let's have dinner together sometime soon.

Jane: Cool! Here is my new telephone number. I'm looking forward to 44.________ (see) you soon.

Tom: 45.________ am I.


36.How How are you doing these days?“你现在一切如何?”

37.saw 根据时间状语last time可知see表过去的动作,故填一般过去时。

38.the at the start of ...“在……一开始”。

39.correctly 所填词在句中作状语修饰动词remember,故用correct的副词correctly。

40.bored 在“make+宾语+宾补”结构中, bore与宾语you为被动关系,故填bored“厌倦的”。

41.amazing amazing“令人惊讶的”,在句中作系动词sound的表语,饰物。

42.interested 所给词在句中作表语,饰人,表“对……感兴趣的”,填interested。

43.other each other“彼此”。

44.seeing 根据look forward to doing sth.结构,可知该空填动名词作介词to的宾语。

45.So So am I.“我也如此”。

第三部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)








The best teacher I have ever had is my 7th grade social studies teacher. He was always in a good mood and kept us laughing. She was real young so she acted like us teenager, which made learning fun. If we needed to talk to the adult about a problem, we always knew we could come her and she would help. There was so many other great things about her. With her help I have improved a lot in my social studies. I loved her but respected her. She was both a good teacher and a friend of me.


第二节 书面表达(共25分)







Dear Fred,



Li Hua



I'm very pleased to receive your letter of Sept. 12. Thanks a lot for your concern about my new life in Senior High School. I think I'm having a different life from that in Junior High School and are getting on well with everything now.

But as you know, English is an important subject, which I like to study best. However, I find I have some difficulty in mastering it. I often make some mistakes in my exercises. For example, the new words and expressions I have learned are easy to forget, some idioms and grammatical rules are hard to grasp.

How can I learn English better? I'll appreciate it if you can give me some advice on it. I'm looking forward to your early reply.

With my best regards.